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Terms of Service


If you do not agree do not use the website. You can unsubscribe your number by creating a support ticket at https://network.gishan.net/support/
Then you will not be able to send or receive messages via this website.

We are not liable or responsible for anything that is caused as a result of sending or receiving a message delivered through this website.

This is a free of charge service. Therefore, you cannot use our services to send spam, nude photos or videos to mobile phones. We take spamming seriously. You cannot send messages anonymously. You must clearly introduce yourself to the recipient in your first message and the recipient should be willing to receive messages from you.

We are not responsible for any content sent by our users to any mobile number. On the other hand we are taking our maximum effort to stop spammers too.

If you are affected by receiving spam, useless, harassing messages, please report us here: Report abuse
We are always trying to provide you a better service which is worth to everyone who understands the value of the multimedia messaging technology which is much expensive today.

We monitor our systems 24/7 and we reserve the right to blacklist the users who are breaking these terms.

Any SMS sent to 77200 number with GNET keyword will be charged Rs.5 + TAX.

Also, we reserve the right to stop this service at any time on our choice. Also we reserve the right to change the terms of service at any time on our choice.