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Value Added Services (VAS)

1. Send large files, photos in any format in your MMS
  If you used your mobile device to send MMS or any other MMS service on the internet below are the limitations for MMS attachments.

Other MMS Services:
Dialog - 1 MB
Mobitel - 200 KB
Etisalat - 250 KB
(You can send popular types of media files only.)

Our MMS:
Dialog - 10 MB
Mobitel - 10MB
Etisalat - 10MB
(You can send any file type.)

Our MMS service allows you to attach upto 10 MB per MMS and we ensure the delivery to any network mentioned above.
2. No need to compress/resize or the photos and images

We convert large JPG or PNG files into small JPG files and attach them to your MMS.

You need not to make the files smaller before you attach. Just attach them. We will resize and compress them and send ! (after compressing any image will be less than 50 KB and the recipient will be happy to receive it !)

3. File hosting to deliver your MMS
  Inorder to deliver larger files and mobile device unsupported files we do a file hosting process to ensure the delivery.
4. Free replys to your MMS
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